Security Webinar

Network and Endpoint Security in the Second Half of 2020

Live Recording from Thursday, July 23, 2020

Webinar Overview

With every breach that happens, organizations become more aware of the security risks they face in today’s world. But these new stories show only a small amount of the breaches that are happening, and employees move on before regulatory, noncompliance, and/or fines take effect. Organizations become overconfident, undereducated, and remain open to unnecessary risk. Often even more risk can be found in the imaging and printing environment where only 16% of companies think of printers as a high-security risk.

Watch the live recording to tune into the discussion on how attackers are utilizing endpoint devices in new ways to compromise a network and how you may be found noncompliant. You’ll learn best practices and strategies to reduce risks around their imaging and printing devices.

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Topics Covered

  • Malware Landscape: Overview including statistics
  • True Stories: Led by David Rose, David will share actual stories
  • Firmware: the importance of firmware and the impact of older devices at EOS
  • Authentication: The cost of leaving the paper tray open and unattended
  • Encryption: True end to end encryption, what this means and why it important

Keynote Speaker: David Rose

David Rose is a security consultant at HP Inc. WW Print Security Group.

Rose joined HP Inc. from one of HP’s channel partner organizations based in the Florida market. With over nine years of experience, Rose has worked SMB, SLED, and enterprise accounts for various verticals in the print industry as a consultant and solutions implementation specialist.

Prior to joining HP’s Worldwide Security Practices as a Security Advisor, Rose was a Security Technical Consultant with HP supporting the South Central Region of the United States. In this role, he participated and coordinated numerous projects to strengthen customers’ print environments through the implementation. Leveraging his technical background, Rose has been able to educate organizations on the risks and ramifications of not addressing and reducing the size of the attack surfaces within their environment.

*This webinar is designed for any individuals tasked with making technology decisions (IT Directors, CIO, CTO, and owners, partners, VPs, CEOs, and Presidents)