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Managed Print Services

Enable your vision for print simplicity, security, savings and sustainability. 

Millennium is a proud supporter of the Cincinnati Bearcats and as such, we’re happy

to work with you to develop a custom solution for your business.

Leverage our long history of deep customer engagement and emerging technologies!

cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), interactive analytics, and more…

Eliminate IT Burden

Enable Digital Transformation

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Eliminate IT Burden

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  • Put the Internet of Things to work for you. We use existing sensors within your equipment to continuously analyze the performance data for usage trends, waste, security risks, and more to help you eliminate the burden on your IT team.
  • Comprehensive security for your devices, documents and network: Other vendors save their most secure devices for a portion of their portfolio or charge for more security. Not us.  All devices are secure by design and we can help you choose the best device for your unique needs.
  • Predictive Service: Algorithm-based predictive support allows us to do something our competitors can’t: We can anticipate and prevent disruptions before they occur. ​Thanks to our IoT-enabled devices, we know when an issue will arise. We contact you to resolve the problem—often remotely—before you are aware it even exists.
  • Predictive Supplies: With toner and other supplies, artificial intelligence (AI) enables automatic, just-in-time delivery based on actual usage and eliminates you from having to manage inventory. Plus, proactive notifications for service requests, supplies shipment status and more are displayed on the device panel.

Enable Digital Transformation

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  • Data and analytics that are visual and interactive: Millennium provides interactive data analytics and visualizations, not spreadsheets and static presentations. With our interconnected system, we can provide you meaningful print analytics for enhanced visibility, greater digitization opportunities, and increased confidence that your system is solidly under control.

  • Seamless Integration: We can also integrate printing and scanning data with your key business metrics, bringing added value to the analysis.

  • Expertise and solutions tailored to your industry: Millennium consultants are steeped in the intricacies of your industry and its needs. We can help you improve processes because we understand your industry’s nuances, underlying challenges, and objectives. 

  • Optimize your business processes: We can help you optimize business processes with solutions that range from simple digitization to more sophisticated digital workflows. More importantly, we connect our solutions to your existing IT platforms.   

Eliminate IT Burden

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  • Long-life devices + industrial reliability: We provide devices that are intentionally engineered to last seven or more years. With durable, reliable, futureproofed devices, you can reduce your overall capital spend.
  • Acquisition models that meet your needs: Millennium offers acquisition models that are flexible and can adapt to your business as it continues to evolve. We offer traditional purchasing options and more progressive acquisition choices, including a true as-a-service model in which you buy print capacity based on actual print needs. This could potentially allow you to recognize print infrastructure as an operating expense—not a capital expense.
  • Optimize your entire ecosystem—and keep it optimized: Applying a data-driven, industry-focused approach, we tailor a flexible ecosystem design that addresses your current needs and adapts to future requirements. We  also optimize your supporting IT infrastructure with solutions that can leverage our widely recognized cloud-native architecture. When it’s time, data and analysis guide us to intelligently replace only the devices that are at the end of their useful lives—eliminating the disruptions of a full-scale rollout.

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Millennium is a proud supporter of the Cincinnati Bearcats and as such, we’re happy to work with you to develop a custom solution for your business.

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Every business is different – and so is every Millennium partnership. Using our in-depth assessment of your managed print services needs, we create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.

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