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Millennium Business Systems enables our customers to enhance the security, productivity and workflow of our award winning product line of digital multi tasking devices.

Our innovative suite of security offerings facilitates our clients’ needs to meet rigorous compliance requirements by strengthening every link in the workflow chain. Failure to address these vulnerabilities can result in comprised data that has serious consequences and risks exposing organizations to liability claims, financial loss and criminal practices.

Sharp’s Scanning Suite helps distribute, store and retrieve documents quickly and easily. The contents of these documents can be used for other purposes and we can reduce operating costs associated with overnight delivery and the need for filing cabinets and associated cost for office space.

Sharp’s Cost Accounting Software tool helps us track and monitor the cost of operating your Sharp digital imager. Assigning accurate cost profiles for your devices provides a clear picture of your bottom line.

Sharp’s award winning Printer Administration Suite provides the tools that help you manage the MFP from installation, configuration and ongoing management of any SNMP compliant device on the network. Additional tools for users are included to improve productivity and enhance efficiency.

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